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Hair Care

  • Never go to sleep with your hair wet.
  • Don’t shampoo the hair without brushing it first. Doing so will damage your extensions and minimize the absorption of the product.
  • Always use a great detangler before hitting the shower, then slowly brush your hair starting from bottom of the roots to prevent breakage..
  • (Dont bin them) bring them with you to your next appointment.
Laweave Extensions Peterborough

Hair Care

  • Extensions can last 2-7 months. Remy- Grade AAAA last 1 year. Within those few weeks some strands or strip will come loose.  You would need to come for Maintenance appointment every 5 – 8 weeks.
  • You will experience some shedding and you may lose some extensions but do not worry this is quite normal. You may lose between 5 – 20 extensions, depending on how careful you treat them, be sure to keep them
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Hair Care

  • Maintenance is important if you wish to keep extensions for long.. First day of extensions: The first thing that you may notice is that immediately after the installation of the extensions, and for a couple of days your scalp may feel sore / itchy on your scalp and tender while sleeping.
  • This is normal and will go away. Rest assured that this is not a sign of a problem but just because of the added weight of the hair.This is normal and will settle. As a result of natural shedding (approx. 50-100 strands per day).
  • Please Note:- Lighter Shades have a bleach content therefore will not last as long in life span as non bleached hair. The lighter shades will need extra care and less heat application to increase the lifespan. 


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